elizabeth and james nirvana

December 17, 2013

as soon as i saw in wwd that mary-kate and ashley olsen were coming out with a new fragrance, i instantly wanted to try it. my old fragrance was sadly discontinued so i have been on the search, and i have been a fan of the twins from full house, to it takes two, to billboard dad and now of their brand, the row.  so, when the samples of their new fragrance came out at sephora, i very well could have been the first person there to grab one :)

when it comes to perfume, i am a bit picky. i feel like your scent becomes a way people remember you, so you can't just wear anything.  elizabeth and james nirvana is composed of two scents - nirvana white and nirvana black - and i am obsessed with both. the nirvana white is a lighter scent, described as musky and floral. if you ask me, i think it smells just. like. peonies. {hellooo. i love.} the nirvana black is described as dark, woody and masculine. its fabulous, i love it equally as much as the white, depending on my mood or what i have planned for the day or night. and the best part about these fragrances is that they can be worn together. brilliant. can't wait to have the beautiful bottles in my hands!