bite beauty

January 29, 2014

i felt like my lips needed some attention this weekend, so i went on a lip-shopping spree at sephora. if you're looking for a new lipstick (or even if you're not) you need to try bite.

i bought the cashmere lip cream, and it is the closest thing to cashmere that your lips will ever feel. i'm serious! my favorite part is that it is the texture of a matte lipstick, and looks like lipstick when you put it on, but it goes on effortlessly like a gloss. its amazing and i love it. it lasts a long time too. and your lips feel hydrated when you wear it, instead of drying your lips out like a lot of lipsticks do. 

i bought the bordeaux/burgundy for a winter color - it reminds me of the color on the inside of a bing cherry. kind of perfect. but i am so excited about all of the amazing spring colors they have.

i also tried bite's agave lip mask. my lips have gotten so dry in this cold air so it felt so good on my lips. its thick and you can really feel it hydrating your lips. i can't wait to see the results combined with my fresh sugar lip polish!

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