new favorite spot

January 24, 2014

i was walking around in tribeca with some friends last weekend, and we stumbled upon the most charming little wine bar ever: terra (which i later found out, after chatting with the bartender, is the sister restaurant to aria in west village, another good spot).  we were freezing cold, so a cozy little restaurant with wine and fresh pasta sounded more appetizing than usual. i told you here that italian was my favorite cusine, so i guess i will further validate that for you...

you know by now that twinkle lights have my heart {& caroline and hilary's too}

the space is small and cozy, but somehow they manage to fit lots of guests inside. you can sit at the bar, a private table, a communal table, or in one of the sweet little windows, and they also have a private party room downstairs. and to all of you new yorkers ... they deliver!

aside from a fabulous wine selection, they have a few beers on tap.

they bring fresh, warm bread and olive oil with herbs and olives.

we started with a bottle of the rosso di montalcino from tuscany.  highly recommended.

then had the mozzarella saporita, which was buffalo mozarella wrapped in prosciutto.

and if you're lucky, the bartender will make you some special, delicious concoctions :)

we got three of the fresh pastas and shared. they were all insanely delicious, but this simple gnocchi sorrentina was my favorite. tomato, fresh chunks of mozzarella and basil. pretty sure i could eat this every day of my life.

and the tortellini e prosciutto. there are no words. cheesy tortellini, salty prosciutto, sweet green peas and creamy parmesan sauce - i mean... no words.

then lastly, the fettucine ai funghi which had wild mushrooms and truffle oil. the truffle oil was so rich and warm, and the perfect combination with the noodles.

twinkle lights, white tile counters, delightful wine, delicious, fresh pasta, friendly service and a fun yet cozy atmosphere. yup, my new favorite spot. ill be back soon to try the cheese plate. maybe this weekend... happy friday!