wine and cheese

January 3, 2014

if i ever need a little something to put together for guests, wine and cheese is always my go-to. or homemade guacamole.  but thats for another post. anyway - who doesn't love wine and cheese? and its so simple. here is what my spread usually looks like.

first and foremost, a delicious bottle of wine! always have a red and white on hand. pictured is one of my favorite reds, francis coppola cabernet sauvignon.

a fabulous smelling candle to set the mood. pictured above is an all natural, soy wax unwined candle in a reused wine bottle. the best of the best. seriously, get one.

three to four cheeses is a good assortment.  a soft, a medium and a hard. and of course fruit, nuts and crackers.  pictured is a brie, a gouda and a sharp cheddar, grapes and granny smith apples, dark chocolate sea salt almonds (omg) and some crackers.  34 degrees crisps are my favorite.

the cheese spread is sitting on kitchen papers serving paper.  i bought these for the first time at tada (if you are local to berlin, md - the cutest little boutique ever on main street) and now i always have them on hand. they dress up any food you are serving.

serve, eat, drink, merry, cheers, enjoy!

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