joseph leonard

February 28, 2014

our second stop on the avocado toast tour was joseph leonard. it is situated on one of my favorite streets in all of nyc, christopher street, next to one of the prettiest red doors you've ever seen.  since they don't take reservations and it is super tiny, you almost always have to wait on a weekend brunch day. luckily theres a super cute book store (three lives), a pet shop and one of my favorite stationary shops (greenwich letterpress) right next door.

it was way busier than this when we were there - i just haven't quite mastered the whole picture-taking-thing yet. picture via nymag

this picture also via nymag

address: 170 waverly place
neighborhood: west village
avocado toast: avocado toast
on white country bread, comes with two eggs any style. very simple. wasn't anything to write home about. 6/10
fries: yummy, crunchy and salty.  served with ketchup, mustard and mayo, yum!
coffeestumptown french press, so good.
cocktail: blood mary & the magdalena (reposado tequila, poblano, st germain, lime, salt rim). delish.
playlist: stellar.
atmosphere: the best part. cozy, antique, casual and fun - good little neighborhood spot.
staff: the tequila-shot-taking-at-noon type. friendly too.
view from the window: a + + 

pala & babycakes

February 26, 2014

i'm having a vegan phase. (last week it was paleo. yeah. i have problems.) so i made my sister trek all the way to the lower east side with me last week, in a blizzard, just to get vegan pizza from pala and then after, vegan cupcakes from babycakes.  she hated me. until we saw karlie kloss sitting at the table next to us. then she loved me.

i first found out about pala from one of roxy te's instagrams.  pizza is my favorite food if you don't know by now, and then i heard that they have really good vegan pizza.  obviously vegan is in, so i had to go.

we had the multipuciano, my favorite, and then we both had a salad.

caroline had the pera salad {spinach, pears, walnuts and daiya cheese} 

i had the mela salad {arugula, apples and daiya cheese}. the apples could have been a little fresher (i'm a honeycrisp snob) but it was still yummy. 

and then i ordered the arrabiata pizza {fresh cherry tomatoes, hot pepper, garlic, daiya cheese}. you guys. so good!!  it definitely didn't taste like a greasy, cheesy slice from joe's, but thats not what i wanted anyway. i wanted a fresh, homemade, brick oven pizza and thats what i got.  it was so good and i loved the daiya cheese. i don't really know how to explain it, you should just go try it. 198 allen.

p.s. the whole entire menu isn't vegan. they have a whole side of the menu that is full of meaty and dairy things.  so caroline got the prosciutto pizza.  i didn't have any but she said "it was really good". 

and that lovely table decor is fresh oregano for your pizza.

for dessert, babycakes was just around the corner so we went and got vegan cupcakes!

they come in cute, little chinese take out boxes. caroline had one with a weirdly long name.  the baker said she was trying to come up with a new name for it. it was something with chocolate, coconut and caramel.

i had vanilla, vanilla.

the cake was moist and dense and the icing thick and somehow creamy. i really had no complaints, except for that i live in a city that has some of the best cupcakes i've ever, ever tasted... if you are a hard-core vegan, you could totally replace regular cupcakes with these. they really were delish. but if you're not, you're probably going to sprint to magnolia's. 

i haven't decided if i'm hard-core, yet. 

bikram yoga

February 24, 2014

photo via lululemon
you guys - i'm obsessed.  i've been going for a month now and i feel so good.  i've always done barre classes or cardio on the treadmill and elliptical, so this was something completely different for me. i had been to one other yoga class ever in college with one of my best friends, and we laughed the entire class because i couldn't take it seriously.  i don't know why, but this time around its been different.  it has been a serious time commitment (90 minute classes) and totally digs into my social life, but i can honestly say it is so worth it.  i wake up in the best mood ever even though i am so not a morning person, i have so much more energy, it subconsciously causes me to make healthier food choices (i find myself craving green juices ... weird...), my skin is so smooth and for any of you type ones out there, my blood sugar levels have been so steady, which is huge. it makes me so happy. i love it. if you are the slightest bit interested you should at the very least give it a try. totally life changing my friends. i think i might be turning into a yogi...

the fat radish

February 21, 2014

somewhere in between brunch and searching for the best dumplings (prosperity dumplings) in chinatown last weekend, blair, caroline and i decided to go on an avocado toast tour all around nyc, and then paris.  best idea ever, right?  okay not paris. but one day, paris.

first stop? the fat radish

isn't it just so cute? i love the cozy bar, the vintage mirrors, and exposed, white brick walls. if you weren't looking for it, you probably wouldn't stumble upon it. but you should probably go out of your way to make a visit.

address: 17 orchard street
neighborhood: chinatown/lower east side
avocado toast: avocado & 7 grain toast, spicy eggs.
grainy, hearty toast with soft boiled eggs and sriracha.  not your average avocado toast. i would go back for more. 8/10
granola: housemade granola, old chatham sheep yogurt, beth's farm jam. 
i could eat this every. single. day. the cashews, coconut and jam were ootw.
coffee: french press = the best
cocktail: elderflower lemonade. refreshing but more alcohol, less sugar please.
branding: natural throughout the restaurant. nothing absolutely amaze.
bathroom: cute, fresh, white. one person. unlike most nyc bathrooms in the winter,  it was warm! diptyque candle = a + +
service: super friendly, informative, punctual, good-looking
celeb sighting: keiko lynn

lolli and pops

February 19, 2014

i received the sweetest (literally) little surprise package from one of my best friends last week.  she up and left me for the west coast weather, and she got a kind-of cool (okay, really cool) job that may or may not involve candy.  i could totally get used to it :)  anyway - the creamiest, yummiest, little chocolates from lolli and pops were inside. peanut butter smoothie anyone?

design darling {the boutique}

February 17, 2014

if you haven't seen all of mackenzie horan's new arrivals in the design darling boutique, you need to head over there, pronto. there are so many good things! here are a few things i'm loving...

this little guy will never go out of style. and goes with everything. its basically perfect.

i got this turkish beach towel in navy for yacht week. #25days  p.s. it doubles as a sarong (!)

cute and inspirational gold foil prints like this one are a must-have. last time i got the gold foil "hustle" print and it made a perfect addition to my gallery wall.

and these by loren hope? i just need them in my jewelry collection.

navy and black from #nyfw

February 13, 2014

navy and black is the way to my heart. simply the best combination ever. and so much at fashion week!

all photos via wwd

lela rose fall 2014

February 12, 2014

there are so many looks this week that have me getting so excited, but lela rose is another one i just couldn't narrow down. and one of the coolest parts about this collection?  it was inspired by a restaurant in spain called el bulli and how the chef presents the dishes. so cool!