abc cocina

February 7, 2014

dinner at abc cocina! i love this place, it has such a fun atmosphere. perfect birthday spot.

love their vintage look.

we were being kind of lame this night {bikram in the morning was on our mind} - so we opted for wine instead of a cocktail {they have really great cocktails}. it was delicious though! we had the malbec on tap.

they bring you fresh bread with olivia oil, and these amazing roasted chickpeas.

everything is meant to share, so you place your order all at once and plates come out as they're ready.

we started with guacamole, grapefruit salsa and warm crunch tortillas - so yummy. 


then the crunchy calamari with ancho chili glaze. i don't even know what ancho chili glaze is, but i like it! it was sweet and tangy but not too much, and such an unexpected taste with calamari.

then the griddled fish tacos with aioli and cabbage chili pickle. delish...

and lastly the chipotle chicken tacos with grilled jalapeno salsa. these were my favorite!

cant wait to go back!