the fat radish

February 21, 2014

somewhere in between brunch and searching for the best dumplings (prosperity dumplings) in chinatown last weekend, blair, caroline and i decided to go on an avocado toast tour all around nyc, and then paris.  best idea ever, right?  okay not paris. but one day, paris.

first stop? the fat radish

isn't it just so cute? i love the cozy bar, the vintage mirrors, and exposed, white brick walls. if you weren't looking for it, you probably wouldn't stumble upon it. but you should probably go out of your way to make a visit.

address: 17 orchard street
neighborhood: chinatown/lower east side
avocado toast: avocado & 7 grain toast, spicy eggs.
grainy, hearty toast with soft boiled eggs and sriracha.  not your average avocado toast. i would go back for more. 8/10
granola: housemade granola, old chatham sheep yogurt, beth's farm jam. 
i could eat this every. single. day. the cashews, coconut and jam were ootw.
coffee: french press = the best
cocktail: elderflower lemonade. refreshing but more alcohol, less sugar please.
branding: natural throughout the restaurant. nothing absolutely amaze.
bathroom: cute, fresh, white. one person. unlike most nyc bathrooms in the winter,  it was warm! diptyque candle = a + +
service: super friendly, informative, punctual, good-looking
celeb sighting: keiko lynn