this weekend

May 30, 2014

i'm going to the veuve clicquot polo classic tomorrow, and i'm not sure if i'm most excited about the actual polo match, mimosas in the morning, drinking lots of veuve with my friends under the beauteous yellow umbrellas or my outfit! this is what i have planned at the moment. 

crop top // hat // skirt (on sale!) // sunglasses // wedges (on sale!) // purse (on sale!)

ill be sure to take lots of pictures.

happy weekend!

tory espadrilles

May 29, 2014

so i need these tory espadrilles. they're perfect.

also - my friend sent me this article at work yesterday. i had to laugh. and i'm definitely throwing a caftan party now. you think i'm kidding. i think ill wear this one

happy one-day-closer to friday!


May 28, 2014

i roamed into a bookstore last weekend in nolita, and accidentally stumbled upon this book. i had seen girlboss hashtags on the nasty gal website, but i didn't exactly know it was a book (maybe i was living under a rock?). i started reading the inside sleeve, and then the first couple of pages and then was sold by her three (brilliant) pieces of advice: "don't ever grow up. don't become a bore. don't let the man get to you. ok? cool." next thing i knew i was buying the book. 

#GIRLBOSS is definitely one of the most motivating, inspiring and even entertaining books i've read in a long time.  i now want to meet sophia, move to los angeles and work for nasty gal.  ha! but really. the book addresses everything from being your own person, working hard, what and what not to do in the professional world, saving your money, taking risks, having fun and doing what you love. basically all of the things that encompass being a #GIRLBOSS - all while going through sophia amoruso's life and giving examples of real-life #GIRLBOSSes.  you should go get a copy (or get it here) - its a quick, easy read filled with great advice!


May 27, 2014

i hope everyone had a fun and relaxing memorial day weekend! i went home for the weekend - we went to the beach, ate lots of yummy food and hung out with friends and family. perfect weekend in my book. now back to the real world…

this view will never get old ...

first ice cream cone of the summer #rainbowsprinkles

how adorbs is this clutch? get it here on sale! and my bracelet is bourbon & boweties

soaking up the last little bit of sunshine before heading back to nyc!

lemonade, the beach, the ocean and my baby sister = the best
my bathing suit is jcrew (30% off right now!) and sunglasses are kate spade

summer has officially begun!

chelsea in bloom

May 22, 2014

how adorable is the kate spade sloane square store all dressed up for chelsea in bloom? i may be partial, but its just too adorable. #canimovetolondonplease?

classpass update

May 21, 2014

my first class with classpass was at pure barre williamsburg. i was so excited to have gotten in a class because when i first logged into classpass, every. single. pure barre class, at all locations, was booked with no spots left (knowing how popular pure barre is, why i didn't think of this before, i don't know). that left me a little weary, but i was able to get into a class at the studio in williamsburg on sunday, so i was happy! 

initial thoughts on classpass:

1. don't know how i feel about "battling" for available spots. if i want to get into a class 2 weeks away in certain studios, i have to be on my computer at 12:01 am, 12 days before. maybe i shouldn't be so picky...
2. the good news is that there are lots of other available studios to try! i have a list of 5 that i can't wait to try, and that doesn't even begin to touch all of the available studios.
3. working out, to me, is all about routine. with classpass, im not so sure its going to be all about routine. more so, its about finding a studio that has availability, which could vary from week to week. that being said, routine is out and adventuring new studios is in!
4. other good news is that you are able to get as much variety as you want, which most people say is the best way to workout.  this week is pure barre, core fusion, cycling and yoga.  typing that out sounds crazy. but I'm weirdly excited.

jacks wife freda

May 19, 2014

address: 224 lafayette street
neighborhood: nolita
avocado toast: mashed avocado on seeded bread, cherry tomato jam, pickled carrots and za'atar. 
so delish! not your standard salty, chili pepper avocado toast. the cherry tomato jam added a spicy yet sweet kick.
granola: grapefruit and granola. grapefruit and mint, lebanese yogurt, granola and honey. refreshing and amazing.
coffee: stumptown bottomless drip. enough said.
branding & paper: jack hearts freda. gimme some sugar. dude, thats sweet. hello my sweet. pour some sugar on me. #jacklovesyou
mildly adorable. its everywhere, but tasteful. from the outside awning to the sugar packets to my little to-go coffee. 
we even sent my little sister a postcard before we left :)
service: probably the best i've ever had in nyc. freda is there to greet you herself, and she is the sweetest, most welcoming hostess.
waiter was great and our food came in a timely manner even on the busiest of saturdays.
atmosphere: small, adorable, happy, quaint, bustling, casual. the perfect little spot on one of the cutest little streets.
highly, highly recommended. they don't take resys, but definitely worth the wait!


May 15, 2014

i just discovered the most amazing thing ever and I'm kind of freaking out. as you know from this post, i was doing bikram yoga and loving it. then i went on yacht week, then i was homeless, then i moved to a new apartment and then work was really busy,  and then i had friends in town … excuses, excuses

anyway - in this interim, ill call it, i have been trying to decide what fitness routine i want to pick up again. the gym is much better for my wallet, but i die for pure barre. i feel so good when I'm doing it and the results are immediate. and its also $300 a month in nyc. yeah. 

so. i found classpass which is the most amazing thing ever. really. if you live in nyc or boston (they're going to los angeles soon) you're going to die. its $99 a month for 10 classes at any of the boutique fitness studios on their list. and even better, from memorial day to labor day, they are doing unlimited classes for $99. i mean. dying.

the trick is, you can only go to each studio three times a month. obvi ill do bikram and pure barre, and i think ill try exhale core fusion classes (heard they're so good) and maybe cyc fitness?  there are so many to choose from!

ill keep you updated with each studio i go to, and if any of you have been to any good classes on the classpass list, or even done classpass, let me know! so excited. 

going to buy new nikes and lulus now.


May 6, 2014

im baaaack. sorry for the hiatus guys.  i had one of those only-in-nyc traumas. i was homeless (thank god for the best friends ever that let me and my sister stay with them) for a month. but really. and i thought it was going to be so, terribly awful - some parts were. i.e. i lived out of my one, very large longchamp duffle, for one month. while all of my stuff was rotting in a storage unit in dumbo. ugh. my poor clothes. that part was miz.  but the whole staying with friends part, it was basically a month long party. sleepovers. wine and cheese. parties.  but now im moved into my new apt in the east village and i can't even tell you, it feels so good. and im so obsessed with my new neighborhood. its perfect. 

anywayyy. back to my brunch game. 

where: kingswood
address: 121 west 10th street
neighborhood: west village
avocado toast: eh. it was too sweet for me. and the bread wasn't very hearty.
truffle fries: whatever dipping sauce they served with it was the best.
eggs benedict: two poached eggs, rosemary ham, avocado, hollandaise. yum. i loved it.
also pictured: egg sandwich, dry aged burger
atmosphere: the atmosphere is most of the experience here. super cute and quaint, but better in the evening.
overall: go for dinner and drinks with girlfriends instead of brunch.