classpass update

May 21, 2014

my first class with classpass was at pure barre williamsburg. i was so excited to have gotten in a class because when i first logged into classpass, every. single. pure barre class, at all locations, was booked with no spots left (knowing how popular pure barre is, why i didn't think of this before, i don't know). that left me a little weary, but i was able to get into a class at the studio in williamsburg on sunday, so i was happy! 

initial thoughts on classpass:

1. don't know how i feel about "battling" for available spots. if i want to get into a class 2 weeks away in certain studios, i have to be on my computer at 12:01 am, 12 days before. maybe i shouldn't be so picky...
2. the good news is that there are lots of other available studios to try! i have a list of 5 that i can't wait to try, and that doesn't even begin to touch all of the available studios.
3. working out, to me, is all about routine. with classpass, im not so sure its going to be all about routine. more so, its about finding a studio that has availability, which could vary from week to week. that being said, routine is out and adventuring new studios is in!
4. other good news is that you are able to get as much variety as you want, which most people say is the best way to workout.  this week is pure barre, core fusion, cycling and yoga.  typing that out sounds crazy. but I'm weirdly excited.