May 15, 2014

i just discovered the most amazing thing ever and I'm kind of freaking out. as you know from this post, i was doing bikram yoga and loving it. then i went on yacht week, then i was homeless, then i moved to a new apartment and then work was really busy,  and then i had friends in town … excuses, excuses

anyway - in this interim, ill call it, i have been trying to decide what fitness routine i want to pick up again. the gym is much better for my wallet, but i die for pure barre. i feel so good when I'm doing it and the results are immediate. and its also $300 a month in nyc. yeah. 

so. i found classpass which is the most amazing thing ever. really. if you live in nyc or boston (they're going to los angeles soon) you're going to die. its $99 a month for 10 classes at any of the boutique fitness studios on their list. and even better, from memorial day to labor day, they are doing unlimited classes for $99. i mean. dying.

the trick is, you can only go to each studio three times a month. obvi ill do bikram and pure barre, and i think ill try exhale core fusion classes (heard they're so good) and maybe cyc fitness?  there are so many to choose from!

ill keep you updated with each studio i go to, and if any of you have been to any good classes on the classpass list, or even done classpass, let me know! so excited. 

going to buy new nikes and lulus now.