May 28, 2014

i roamed into a bookstore last weekend in nolita, and accidentally stumbled upon this book. i had seen girlboss hashtags on the nasty gal website, but i didn't exactly know it was a book (maybe i was living under a rock?). i started reading the inside sleeve, and then the first couple of pages and then was sold by her three (brilliant) pieces of advice: "don't ever grow up. don't become a bore. don't let the man get to you. ok? cool." next thing i knew i was buying the book. 

#GIRLBOSS is definitely one of the most motivating, inspiring and even entertaining books i've read in a long time.  i now want to meet sophia, move to los angeles and work for nasty gal.  ha! but really. the book addresses everything from being your own person, working hard, what and what not to do in the professional world, saving your money, taking risks, having fun and doing what you love. basically all of the things that encompass being a #GIRLBOSS - all while going through sophia amoruso's life and giving examples of real-life #GIRLBOSSes.  you should go get a copy (or get it here) - its a quick, easy read filled with great advice!