May 6, 2014

im baaaack. sorry for the hiatus guys.  i had one of those only-in-nyc traumas. i was homeless (thank god for the best friends ever that let me and my sister stay with them) for a month. but really. and i thought it was going to be so, terribly awful - some parts were. i.e. i lived out of my one, very large longchamp duffle, for one month. while all of my stuff was rotting in a storage unit in dumbo. ugh. my poor clothes. that part was miz.  but the whole staying with friends part, it was basically a month long party. sleepovers. wine and cheese. parties.  but now im moved into my new apt in the east village and i can't even tell you, it feels so good. and im so obsessed with my new neighborhood. its perfect. 

anywayyy. back to my brunch game. 

where: kingswood
address: 121 west 10th street
neighborhood: west village
avocado toast: eh. it was too sweet for me. and the bread wasn't very hearty.
truffle fries: whatever dipping sauce they served with it was the best.
eggs benedict: two poached eggs, rosemary ham, avocado, hollandaise. yum. i loved it.
also pictured: egg sandwich, dry aged burger
atmosphere: the atmosphere is most of the experience here. super cute and quaint, but better in the evening.
overall: go for dinner and drinks with girlfriends instead of brunch.