your tea

June 23, 2014

guess whaaat? i'm onto another health fad. surprise, surprise :) i had heard so much hype about your tea that i finally had to try it.  i ordered my first box of the tiny tea teatox, and started last week.  so far, i think its great.  i am one of those people that wakes up and cannot start my day until i've had coffee, so i was a little skeptical about how i would feel with tea instead. the first day with no coffee was not easy, but the good news is that i was not lacking energy. i actually felt plenty energized and t-m-i, but it definitely flushes you out so you feel so refreshed!  so far, i have just been eating healthy in combination with the tea (minus the magnolia's cupcake i had this weekend), but i also just got a nutribullet so i can't wait to start juicing with it! 

extra perk - how cute is their packaging?

find out more about your tea here.