north river lobster co

July 29, 2014

on saturday night, we my sister had the fabulous idea to head to the west side and jump on a boat that also happened to double as a bar and lobster shack.  um, hello, best idea ever. i didn't really have a choice in the matter, so we jumped in a cab because we were running late, per usual, and headed to north river lobster co. 

we got onboard and ordered a bucket of stella, 
while this guy enjoyed a pitcher of sangria (that tasted like watermelon!)
 all to himself.

obviously i got a lobster roll… 

the view was pretty rough, don't you think?

this was the raw bar. too pretty not to take a picture.

my sister. this pretty much sums up our relationship.

if you need a night to celebrate summer, this is a must! 
they had a killer playlist, 
the atmosphere is fun, 
the food is good,
& the views of the city from the water are like no other.


brunch at buvette

July 28, 2014

address: 42 grove street
neighborhood: west village
food: yogurt with walnuts, berries & honey
 eggs on toast with prosciutto and parmesan
avocado toast
coffee: no coffee! 
they only have an espresso bar, 
so we had a cappuccino & an americano 
i felt very european. it was perfect.

i've been dying to go to buvette for quite some time now and i was finally in  the city this weekend to gobuvette is on one of the cutest little tree-lined streets in nyc. you walk into half an espresso bar, half cafe seating, and we were lucky enough to sit in the quaint little courtyard in the back. the service is friendly (not to mention they wear the cutest little black and white striped aprons) the food was perfect and i so regret not getting the chocolate crepes! guess ill just have to go back next weekend :) oh yeah, they have pretty good branding too - cocktail book, coasters, menus, business cards, matchbooks - it all flows, love.


July 23, 2014

once you grow up and are on your own, there really isn't anything better than the feeling of being home.  i don't worry about what to pack, i never bring a toothbrush because i know my mom will have a new one waiting for me in my bathroom, and i don't make any plans (or i at least try not to…) because whatever happens, happens. and lets be real for a sec, when i get home to ocean city from nyc, i am perfectly content sitting on the back porch doing absolutely nothing. here are a few moments from this past weekend at home.

lunch on the water.

a perfect beach day. 

my mom always fresh goodies in the house!

sitting on the back porch.

the best crabs I've had in a long time!

fractured prune donuts. the best donuts on the planet. there is literally nothing better.

and these two little monkeys. lilly and henry.

mansur gavriel

July 21, 2014

i might be late to the game on this one, but i am in love with the nyc-based label mansur gavriel. they have designed everything you would want in an everyday  bag - simple, clean, neutral, practical, chic and perfect. ill take one of each please.



stk las vegas

July 16, 2014

i was in las vegas last week and was lucky enough to have the most amazing meal at stk cooked by stephen hopcraft from top chef (!). we did the "chef's choice" so i didn't even look at the menu! everything he brought out was a surprise, and absolutely tdf.

we started with cocktails of course. these two were custom made for us. one with prosecco and raspberry and one with vodka, raspberry and orange. tasted just like summer!

then we ordered the strawberry cobbler (belvedere vodka, muddled fresh strawberries, graham cracker crusted rim) and the cucumber stiletto (ketel one, st germain and cucumber - my favorite!!).

terrible snapshot of my outfit, but you get the gist ;) dress is dvf, no longer available, but similar here.

this was brioche with blue cheese butter melted on top served with chive olive oil. yeah… are you salivating already? it was so soft, pulled apart so beautifully and basically melted in your mouth. 

then we had the shellfish platter which was 2 oysters, 2 pickled shrimp, alaskan king crab and maine lobster.  every single thing was so fresh and i have never seen such huge chunks of yummy lobster before.  wish i could this every day!

this was the foie and waffles. i never would have ordered this on my own, but i was very pleasantly surprised. the thought of foie and waffles and huckleberries was a little intimidating, but i could have eaten the entire plate. the huckleberries were perfectly sweet and delicious!

burrata with heirloom tomatoes. i could've licked the plate.

i needed a second wind at this point. this was the tuna tartare… a. freshest tuna i ever tasted. b. the corn tuile + pecans + avocado was the perfect combo.

then he brought out beef short rib with soy glazed haricot vert. confession. i havent eaten red meat in 5 years, and only recently started eating chicken a few months ago. however, stephen hopcraft was bringing out and cooking my food so i wasn't about to tell him no! so, i decided to be brave it and try it.  i was quite terrified i was going to be sick, and i'm not a big red meat fan in the first place, but i really did enjoy it so much. it was so rich and so soft it just melted in your mouth. and the haricot vert were right on par.

this was the mac and cheese! i feel like you can't really go wrong with mac & cheese, but this really was some of the best mac and cheese i ever had. it had little noodles, just the right amount of crispiness on the top and soo much ooey gooey cheese. food heaven.

then we had a steak cooked rare. it looks dry in this picture but it so was not.  clearly i'm no steak connoisseur, but it was tender, juicy and amazing.

corn pudding. another item i would have never ordered on my own, and another item i was pleasantly surprised with. it tasted sweet, creamy, southern and was tdf.

soy glazed haricot vert. so crunchy and perfect.

mini ice cream sampler!

and sweet potato donuts with maple glaze, a scoop of whipped vanilla bean ice cream and candied pecans. holy. yum. food coma.

until next time, las vegas.