July 23, 2014

once you grow up and are on your own, there really isn't anything better than the feeling of being home.  i don't worry about what to pack, i never bring a toothbrush because i know my mom will have a new one waiting for me in my bathroom, and i don't make any plans (or i at least try not to…) because whatever happens, happens. and lets be real for a sec, when i get home to ocean city from nyc, i am perfectly content sitting on the back porch doing absolutely nothing. here are a few moments from this past weekend at home.

lunch on the water.

a perfect beach day. 

my mom always fresh goodies in the house!

sitting on the back porch.

the best crabs I've had in a long time!

fractured prune donuts. the best donuts on the planet. there is literally nothing better.

and these two little monkeys. lilly and henry.