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August 11, 2014

a few weeks ago, i attended an impromptu happy hour with the three fabulous ladies on chrystie street.  i have long been a follower of the #chrystiestreetgirls, so walking into thee actual chrystie street studio to have cocktails was kind of like a dream come true.  they have it set up absolutely adorable, not to mention it smelled delicious, they had watermelon jelly beans and (of course!) a stocked bar cart.  i wish i had taken pictures, but i was having too much fun :)

while we enjoyed chatting about life and not so much business, i couldn't help but write a post to let everyone know how truly fabulous they are. fun, extremely talented, adorable, sweet, driven, real girls living the nyc life.  and to top it all off,  i happen to be totally in love with their businesses. being in their studio, seeing some of their work and hearing them talk about what they do, i could easily tell they really put their whole hearts into what they do.  it truly shows and i truly admire them!

inslee: inslee by design
instagram: @inslee
i love: the prints

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katie: three jane
instagram: @threejaneny
i love: the map necklace

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roxy: society social
instagram: @societysocial
 i love: the bar cart

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