7 days in vegas

September 29, 2014

so its already the end of september and i haven't posted for a while, im sorry!
i was in vegas for 7 days last week. yes you read that right, 7 days. 
i had an event there that i have been planning for a couple of months now,
i can't even tell you how good it feels to have it all over with! it made
wedding planning seem like a piece of cake - never thought i'd say that.
i can't share too much, but here are a few snapshots…
we stayed at the cosmopolitan, of course. 
i stayed at a couple of different hotels while planning the event
 and this one was my favorite. 
clean, pretty and i'm obsessed with the wallpaper in the rooms!
(and it is one of the only hotels in vegas that doesn't reek of smoke when you walk in!)

vesper bar in the cosmopolitan.

definitely my favorite dinner spot in vegas, nobu at caesars palace.
everything is absolutely tdf, but the black cod is my favorite!

pretending to be in venice...

drinks at mesa grill.

dinner at tao.

and the pretty entrance to the nightclub. 

 first event at stk.

we had customized menus, candy bars, 
drinks and glasses that you could take home, obvi!

i sat on the edge of my chair the whole show,
 i don't know how these people do it!

i had customized pretzels made from fatty sundays. 
not only are they the cutest pretzels you've ever seen, 
but they are made in brooklyn (by two talented sisters) and are the
 best chocolate & sprinkle covered pretzels i've ever had.

we couldn't have a party without a step and repeat and showgirls...

the hotel sent up some champagne and customized chocolates to my room one night.
 i would say they were delicious, but they were way too adorable to eat! 

and i of course made time to get a massage at the sahra spa...

it was amazing, fun and exhausting, all at the same time. 
but you know how it goes, #wheninvegas…