places to go, people to see

October 21, 2014

you need this book on your coffee table.

get it here! 

brunch at the egg shop

October 15, 2014

a. the egg shop. this name. i meannn. so cute and so perfect.
b. a restaurant dedicated to eggs? this is my dream.
c. the decor and branding is on spot.
d. my meal was so so so good. i can't wait to go back and try something new.
e. they have matchbooks.
f. eggs y'all.

50 things about me

October 13, 2014

many of you have asked to know more about me. so, here are a few things i came up with.

1. my favorite color is navy blue.
2. i have had juvenile diabetes since i was 7. i am a much better person for it, but i wish they would find a cure already!
3. i really love my job.
4. i really want to learn how to dj.  
5. i love nyc. when i moved here from charleston, i told myself i would stay for a year and just do it for the experience. now the thought of leaving makes me feel homesick. but i do miss charleston, a lot.
6. i have two sisters - one a year (& three days) younger, and one seven years younger. i want to be much more like them. they motivate me in different ways, every day.  they are so cool.
7. my mom and dad are the strongest, hardest-working, most amazing people i will ever know. and they are really ridiculously good-looking for their age. i hope i got those genes.
8. when i lived in charleston, i was a wedding planner. i think ill do it again some day, i miss it.
9. i am a pescetarian (unless chick-fil-a is involved)
10. i think personality is everything.
11. i'm from an extremely small beach town: ocean city, maryland. the population is 7000. i wouldn't trade it for the world.
12. my favorite scent is thymes frasier fir. its for christmas time but i could smell it all year long.
13. i want to live in london at some point in my life.
14. i love throwing parties and hosting people. as a result, my sister and i have visitors pretty much every weekend and we love it!
15. i really, really want a tattoo. i think i will get one this year.     
16. if i had an endless supply of money, among other things, i would have fresh flowers (pink peonies) in my house every day. they put me in such a good mood!
17. i am not a morning person. i still have not outgrown the phase where i wake up at noon on the weekends.
18. any boy with a british accent, you have my heart.
19. jude law, james franco, bradley cooper, liam hemsworth - you are hot.
20. the kardashians are my guilty pleasure. i love watching their show and keeping up with their lives.
21. i am very real and have a hard time faking. if i don't like you (and it takes a lot for me to not like someone), you will know it.
22. it takes a lottttt to make me cry.
23. i love football season. #ravens
24. brunch is definitely a hobby.
25. i always try to see the best in things. people that whine and complain really annoy me.
26. i have absolutely no control around chocolate.
27. i was a political science major and wanted to go to law school. now i pretty much never know whats going on in politics unless its on the today show or my sister tells me…oops.
28. i'm obsessed with mary kate and ashley.
29. as much as i don't want to admit it, i am very type a.
30. i love to travel. experiencing different countries is the best education.
31. i am inspired by interiors, architecture, pretty paper and fonts.
32. a lot of people call me sweet alexa. my sisters would probably disagree, haha!
33. i have dimples and can convince anyone of anything with them.
34. turning off my cell phone and just being with people i care about is the best feeling.
35. the current state of our country, in many ways, really scares me. i hope we can all be better people and change it before its too late.
36. i can drink you under the table with vodka. anything else, game over.
37. nothing beats being comfy and cozy in front of a fireplace.
38. im not very good with makeup. i need some lessons.
39. i love to make other people happy.
40. my dad used to try to take me golfing with him when i was younger (he is really good) and i would never go. i wanted to play lacrosse with all of my friends. i wish i went and i wish i knew how to play now!
41. my mom always said "pretty is as pretty does". i have always remembered it, but now that i am 25 it resonates with me more than ever. very wise, wise words. 
42. my mom and dad also told me "no matter what you do, do your best". this has definitely set me apart from the rest.
43. i want to get married at the parker in palm springs. but i haven't decided who i'm going to marry yet.
44. i hate being home alone. i still get scared!
45. the best piece of advice i've received is to live in the now. forget about the past and don't worry about the future, because where you are is now and what you do now will affect the rest.
46. i ask a lot of questions and i want to be a better listener. 
47. my favorite food is pizza, my favorite meal is italian, and i could have avocado toast for brunch every single day.
48. i collect matchbooks.
49. i am pretty inpatient. 
50. i can cook four things: pasta, grilled cheese, guacamole and bruschetta. 

butcher's daughter

definitely one of the best (& healthiest!) brunches in the city. 

i get the same thing every time. 
the coconut yogurt parfait and the smashed avocado toast benedict 
with hollandaise on the side. 
i mean, i crave this meal!
i really want to try their juice cleanse, has anyone done it?

jars by dani

October 10, 2014

i stumbled across jars by dani a few weeks ago and finally got a chance to try them!

i don't really know how to explain them. basically, it is adorable, layered goodness in a mason jar.

this was the white chocolate, and there are lots of other flavors on the website too. i ordered a variety for thank yous in my office - the labels can even be customized! thinking these would make perfect wedding or shower favors too. love!

lunch at jeffreys grocery

October 8, 2014

one of my best friends was in town last weekend, so it was only fitting that i take her to my favorite restaurant in new york city for the perfect friday lunch : jeffrey's grocery.

everything about this place is perfect. the neighborhood, the view of christopher street, the atmosphere, the staff, the food, the drinks, the decor.  they play up the old grocery store feel and always play the best music. its so quaint, i just love it so much!

we had the poached salmon salad, the brisket sandwich and of course, the old bay fries. so good!

scenes from the weekend

October 6, 2014

dinner at bar primi

so wish i could have brought her home with me!

lunch at my favorite spot, jeffrey's grocery

drinks at mulberry project

found this perfect warm weather hat at club monaco!

dinner at empellon

brunch at the butchers daughter

call me old fashioned

October 1, 2014

i need this!

katie kime // call me old fashioned print

and just about everything else in katie kime's shop...