brunch at harrys

November 17, 2014

one of my friends just moved down to fi-di,
 so we had the perfect excuse to head downtown 
and go to harry's cafe for brunch. 

the atmosphere is a little different than your average (or maybe just my average) nyc brunch spot. it is a steakhouse at night, so during the day it has a club-ish vibe. they had good music, and as soon as you sit your toosh down, the unlimited champagne starts flowing.

its worth noting, they are not skimpy with the champagne.

they serve you these sweet little breads when you sit down. 
dessert first?

two handled blt with avocado.

eggs florentine.

smoked salmon scramble.

steak and eggs.

eggs benedict.

and that is a massive tray of food going by.

caroline and i may have had a bit too much champagne. 
caption inspired from this hilarious video - please watch it. 
it will make your day!!

then we rushed to see this amazing view of the city before the sun went down. 
its kind of crazy how you can see all of the hustle and bustle, 
but be removed from the noise. simply magical.

perfect saturday in the books!