November 19, 2014

i made an impromptu dinner reservation last wednesday night and was lucky enough to get us into this little, hidden gem known for its sake and japanese cuisine: sakagura. 

if you have never been, leave yourself a little extra time to get there - its not exactly easy to find.

once you get inside the building, 
you go down these stairs and around the corner into to the restaurant. 

the atmosphere is cool and casual, and the bar was my favorite part.
the restaurant isn't very big, but if you go, you should definitely try to sit in the bar area.

we started with the sparkling sake. 
it tasted like a mixture of beer, lemonade and champagne. 
i honestly don't think I'm a big sake fan...

now for the food! we ordered lots of things and shared.

thinly sliced fluke sashimi - this was one of my favorite dishes.

this was what they called "medium fatty" tuna. another one of my favorite dishes.

tuna tartare. 

fried rice with crab. they mixed it right in front of us, 
so warm and sticky and delicious!

then we had the grilled chicken. 
sorry for my iPhone shadow...

so these were the whole reason we wanted to go to sakagura. these are "jaga dingo" , 
which translates to mashed potatoes coated in sweet donut batter fried crisp. ha! 
sounds weird, but they were so good. it made me feel like i was at a carnival. 

fried chicken. my chop stick skills were not up to par here. 
apparently experts know how to cut meat, 
using chopsticks, in one hand. i used two.

soft tofu. so yummy!

soba noodles! and that shiny stuff on top. that would be sea urchin.

and this was the snap chat i sent after being in a sake/japanese food coma.
totally worth it.