colicchio & sons

December 29, 2014

what: dinner at colicchio & sons
where: chelsea/meatpacking
favorite dish: squid ink campanelle, whipped lardo & egg yolk. you guys.
atmosphere: warm, cozy, fancy casual
service: 5 stars
good for: work dinner, dinner with your parents, special occasion

how to be a parisian wherever you go

December 26, 2014

i hope that all of you received this book over the holidays. if you didn't, get a jump start to becoming parisian and gift it to yourself.  

if you haven't already noticed from my instagram, im a bit infatuated with it.  i finished it on a plane ride and it has become my new love, style and bad habits bible. it has so many amazing tips that every girl should know including the parisian's way of dressing, dining, entertaining, snobbery, sex, aging, eating and drinking coffee. caroline de maigret is brilliant. i need to meet her and im moving to paris.

here are two articles on caroline and the book worth reading, too:

blogger's showcase

December 24, 2014

be sure to stop by living as a 'king' to check out my q&a series!

christmas time in nyc

December 22, 2014

theres nothing quite like new york city during christmas!


December 19, 2014

guess where i am this weekend? 

be mixed

December 17, 2014

my sister came home from work one night last week with a really good surprise. this little bottle of magic. otherwise known as be mixed. to make a long story short, caroline (my sister) met one of the founders, and in chatting found out that she had type 1 diabetes. caroline of course told her that her sister (me) also had type 1 diabetes, so they so kindly sent her a bottle home for me!

club monaco party shop

December 15, 2014

i have been looking all over for perfect holiday outfits, and i keep finding myself going back to the party shop at club monaco. the pieces are so chic and timeless, i want everything!

jayla crop top

victoria's secret fashion show

December 10, 2014

you thought i wasn't going to post anything on this? hellooo people its only the second most important night of the year. ill make it to the show one of these days…

anyway. in honor of the show, besides the fact that i can declare that my #dietstartstomorrow, i thought i would share a couple of my favorite work out classes, along with a few that i have been wanting to try.




charlie bird

December 8, 2014

i have been wanting to go to charlie bird for so long. the chance of getting a reservation at an ideal hour is  slim to none. so i finally decided to try walking in instead.  it was a thursday night at 8pm (prime time) and we were a party of three. the hostess said it would be 45 minutes to an hour for a table, or we could sit at the bar. so we put our name in and grabbed a drink.  20 minutes later, our table was ready. for those of you that live in new york, 20 minutes is nothing!

i loved the vibe here - its kind of hipster, mixed with a little bit of chic (very new york) and a really good playlist. and the food was excellent. everything on the menu looks so good, so our waiter helped a lot with what to get. we all got pasta which was delicious, and i already have a list of things i want to try next time!

derby pie

December 1, 2014

derby pie is one of my absolute favorite things that my mom makes when i come home, and i am so excited that she is actually letting me share the recipe! mine never turns out as good as hers, even  though the recipe is pretty simple.