be mixed

December 17, 2014

my sister came home from work one night last week with a really good surprise. this little bottle of magic. otherwise known as be mixed. to make a long story short, caroline (my sister) met one of the founders, and in chatting found out that she had type 1 diabetes. caroline of course told her that her sister (me) also had type 1 diabetes, so they so kindly sent her a bottle home for me!

my sister and i are those girls that take crystal light packets with us to bars, and dump them into vodka waters. don't act like you haven't done it. and if you haven't, its brilliant right? no extra calories, no hangover.  and if you have type 1 diabetes like me, you don't have to worry about giving yourself insulin for unwanted sugar. 

but what is even more brilliant, more natural and a tad more refined, is be mixed, this zero calorie cocktail mixer.  it tastes so much better than crystal light (and every other zero calorie "mixer" i've tried), and a little goes a long way. im so excited about it. not only is it perfect for a healthy lifestyle, but it is great for hosting parties too, especially during the holiday season.  they have a few recipe ideas on their website, and lets be real for a sec. you'd rather eat your calories, right?

check out their website, and you can buy the mixer here.  go on, try it!