charlie bird

December 8, 2014

i have been wanting to go to charlie bird for so long. the chance of getting a reservation at an ideal hour is  slim to none. so i finally decided to try walking in instead.  it was a thursday night at 8pm (prime time) and we were a party of three. the hostess said it would be 45 minutes to an hour for a table, or we could sit at the bar. so we put our name in and grabbed a drink.  20 minutes later, our table was ready. for those of you that live in new york, 20 minutes is nothing!

i loved the vibe here - its kind of hipster, mixed with a little bit of chic (very new york) and a really good playlist. and the food was excellent. everything on the menu looks so good, so our waiter helped a lot with what to get. we all got pasta which was delicious, and i already have a list of things i want to try next time!

breadsticks they give you when you sit down.
they are sitting in a lovely puddle of olive oil.

blue crab toast. 

(ricotta, basical & tomatoes)

(braised rabbit & rosemary)

chitarra nero.
(blue crab, chiles & lemon)

caramelized cauliflower.

of course we had to try dessert…

warm chocolate budino.