derby pie

December 1, 2014

derby pie is one of my absolute favorite things that my mom makes when i come home, and i am so excited that she is actually letting me share the recipe! mine never turns out as good as hers, even  though the recipe is pretty simple.

this is all you need (plus some holiday music and a glass of wine!).
 my mom uses pillsbury pie crust, and its perfect.

first, beat the two eggs.

add in the sugar.

then the flour...

you get it...

just pinch around the edges of the pie crust so that it molds to your pie dish.

smooth in the mix and pop in the oven. 
keep an eye on it. you don't want it to be cake-y, 
and you don't want it to be runny, but in between.

then get started on the homemade whipping cream.

this part is the easiest. just dump in a box of confectioners sugar 
and a carton of heavy whipping cream.

you will need an electric mixer for this part. 
the cream takes a bit of work to get really whipped.

mix on high for 4 - 5 minutes, until you get a thick consistency. 

pour into a pretty dish.

sprinkle the pie with a dash of sugar, and serve!