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January 30, 2015

via charlene zale
i started reading blogs a couple of years ago when i was in college, and while i discover so many new, amazing ones all the time, i still start with the same six i always have. i can't start my day without coffee and a check of these blogs (in addition to the skimm!), so i wanted to share them with you.  in this order, because this is how they have always been saved in my bookmarks bar:

i of course follow tons more now too, but i always get to these guys first, they're my OGs ;)

happy friday!!


momofuku noodle bar

January 28, 2015

when its freezing cold in nyc, sometimes all you need is a steaming hot bowl of ramen.

what: dinner at momofuku noodle bar
where: east village
favorite dish: steamed buns. every time. spot on.
atmosphere: casual, clean & simple. 
communal seating which i love & theres always good music playing.
service: ive never been here when there isn't a wait, 
but once you do sit down the service is good.

sunday, sunday

January 26, 2015

i don't know about you guys, but sundays are usually my kick around days. 
the itinerary is usually brunch, soul-cycle and errands for the week, 
so i just want to be comfy!  lately im loving my nike blazers and 
my new joah brown shirts - they are seriously the most comfortable 
shirts i've ever worn.  i started wearing them as workout tops, 
but i've been mixing them into my daily wardrobe too. they're 
so good for layering and give you the perfect, effortless look.


January 23, 2015

this week was short and i still am so happy its friday! 
here are a few links to peruse, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

image via mylittlefabric


January 21, 2015

im sure im late to the game on this one, but i found out about this little manicure studio in soho a few months ago - i am dying to try it.  

sunday brunch at root & bone

January 19, 2015

what: sunday brunch at root & bone
where: alphabet city
favorite dish: too many to choose only one! 
tie between grandma daisys angel biscuits &
the fried chicken & waffle sandwiches.  i want to go back to try
the pimento cheese grits...
atmosphere: cozy & southern - obsessed with the lighting
service: loved our waitress and all staff was helpful and friendly. 
expect to wait at least 30 minutes - definitely worth it, 
and once you sit down the service is fast

momofuku ssam

January 12, 2015

what: dinner at momofuku ssam
where: east village
favorite dish: steamed pork buns (but everything was so good,
 definitely one of the best meals i've had in nyc!)
atmosphere: trendy, hip, casual
service: everyone was so nice & everything came out very timely
good for: dinner before going out, eating at the bar,
big groups (they have special off-menu items for large parties)

its the weekend!

January 9, 2015

i have a terrible head/sinus cold and its freezing in nyc, so ill probably be spending most of my weekend in my bed browsing. but i'm kind of excited about it. these kind of weekends are rare in nyc. 

i'm sure ill make some time for soul cycle because i'm addicted, i'm sure ill make time for brunch here, because i'm also addicted and i'm sure ill make time to go out with my friends … we'll see how relaxing it actually ends up being :) 

here are a few things to browse if anyone else is having a relaxing weekend!

when i move to london, this house is definitely where i will live.

i love this style and you'll never guess where the jacket is from!

this article is great and those of you that love soul cycle will totally get it.

sophia grace has done it again.

this website has gotten me so motivated to get healthy in the new year.

a new brand that i love - their shirts are amazing!

i could scroll through this tumblr all day long. 

cheers to the weekend!

del toro loafers

January 7, 2015

ok. how adorable are these?
i wish i could have every color!

you can get them here or 
through the link below each picture.

arrows & tattoos

January 5, 2015

remember #15 from this post when i said "i really, really want a tattoo. i think i will get one this year"? well, i did! and i love it and am totally obsessed.

i went with one of my best friends when i was visiting charleston.  we had been talking about it for awhile and decided to finally do it.  im not really sure why, but this was one of the hardest things i've ever had to tell my parents.  they have always made it so easy for me to tell them everything, and they have nothing against tattoos, but i kept it a secret for 10 days.  thats a long time for me to not tell my parents something. especially something that i really wanted to tell them. i just wasn't quite sure how. i ended up nonchalantly showing them one night before we were about to go to the movies. ha! #smooth. my dad screamed "cool!" and i don't think my mom believed me at first.  all in all, i think they liked it. 

i got five arrows, one for each person in my family - mom, dad, caroline, ali and me.  growing up, my parents always said that family is everything.  i of course didn't always get that, but growing up it always became more meaningful. now i know, family really is everything.  we are so close and always will be. i would be nothing without them.  i have also always loved the meaning behind the arrow. in order to shoot it forward, you must pull it back.  it relates to the reality of life so well, but it is hard for people to remember that connection sometimes.  if something is pulling you back in life, just remember that it is making you a better person for something that is later to come.  it motivates me every day!