arrows & tattoos

January 5, 2015

remember #15 from this post when i said "i really, really want a tattoo. i think i will get one this year"? well, i did! and i love it and am totally obsessed.

i went with one of my best friends when i was visiting charleston.  we had been talking about it for awhile and decided to finally do it.  im not really sure why, but this was one of the hardest things i've ever had to tell my parents.  they have always made it so easy for me to tell them everything, and they have nothing against tattoos, but i kept it a secret for 10 days.  thats a long time for me to not tell my parents something. especially something that i really wanted to tell them. i just wasn't quite sure how. i ended up nonchalantly showing them one night before we were about to go to the movies. ha! #smooth. my dad screamed "cool!" and i don't think my mom believed me at first.  all in all, i think they liked it. 

i got five arrows, one for each person in my family - mom, dad, caroline, ali and me.  growing up, my parents always said that family is everything.  i of course didn't always get that, but growing up it always became more meaningful. now i know, family really is everything.  we are so close and always will be. i would be nothing without them.  i have also always loved the meaning behind the arrow. in order to shoot it forward, you must pull it back.  it relates to the reality of life so well, but it is hard for people to remember that connection sometimes.  if something is pulling you back in life, just remember that it is making you a better person for something that is later to come.  it motivates me every day!