its the weekend!

January 9, 2015

i have a terrible head/sinus cold and its freezing in nyc, so ill probably be spending most of my weekend in my bed browsing. but i'm kind of excited about it. these kind of weekends are rare in nyc. 

i'm sure ill make some time for soul cycle because i'm addicted, i'm sure ill make time for brunch here, because i'm also addicted and i'm sure ill make time to go out with my friends … we'll see how relaxing it actually ends up being :) 

here are a few things to browse if anyone else is having a relaxing weekend!

when i move to london, this house is definitely where i will live.

i love this style and you'll never guess where the jacket is from!

this article is great and those of you that love soul cycle will totally get it.

sophia grace has done it again.

this website has gotten me so motivated to get healthy in the new year.

a new brand that i love - their shirts are amazing!

i could scroll through this tumblr all day long. 

cheers to the weekend!