burger and lobster

February 11, 2015

one of my friends had been telling me about burger and lobster for a few weeks now, so we decided to go get dinner here last weekend.  there are a few reasons why this place has my heart.  first, it is a london-based restaurant. we all know my love affair there. second, they have no menu.  i feel like when there is no menu involved, it usually means the food is really good.  that was definitely the case here. you get either a burger, a lobster roll, or a whole lobster. both come with a salad and fries.  they have good cocktails and wine on tap. everyone that works here is super friendly.  the atmosphere is not only fun, but also very spacious, which is unlike most restaurants in nyc. great spot for big groups.

bread st. bee cocktails - vodka, honey and st germain!

lobster roll. i wish i got a picture of the bun. so good!

whole lobster with garlic butter.

a round (or two, or three) of champagne for dessert.