February 25, 2015

so i need to preface this post. i am not usually into facial or skincare products, simply because i haven't come across one that has been life-changing. i do believe in a good serum that will give you a much needed natural glow in the winter months, but other than my typical pharmacy-run items, i have never gotten into skincare products.  the ones that i have tried usually make my face break out and i immediately revert back to my original ways. aaand then i came across jurlique. and my life skin has changed.

while i was in LA a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine gave me a sample to try.  i don't know why i was so excited to try something this time. maybe it was because everyone in LA has great skin? or it may be because she informed me that they get all of their ingredients from an organic farm in australia (love!)? i am also a sucker for gorgeous packaging …  i don't know - but i tried it and after a couple of days of using it, i sent her a note telling her how much i am in love with it. 

now i have the herbal recovery antioxidant cleaning mousse and i am hooked!  it is so refreshing in the morning, and i started using it at night too because it just makes me feel so yummy and clean.  it smells amazing, as do all of their products. my skin has never felt so smooth, and it gives my skin an amazing natural glow. highly recommend it! 

 other jurlique products that i love: