March 27, 2015

happy friday guys! this week felt soooo long, anyone else? however, how is it already april in 4 days? i think this feeling just gets consistent with age. and i think this means im getting old. i also have so much planned in the next few weeks/months sooo time is just going to keep flying. i guess thats a good thing to be complaining about :)

i was looking through some pictures last night and realized i never posted a few from my trip to la (aka my new favorite city).   

i went parasailing in santa monica and snapped this picture on the boat.

im obsessed with all of the juice from juice served here. i tried to order it and have it delivered to nyc. ha! wishful thinking...

pizzeria mozza/edible heaven.

view from the penthouse at the hollywood roosevelt. love this sign!

they always leave me goodies :) this time was chocolate covered 
oreos. so good!

im off to bedford for a much needed relaxing weekend.  
im looking forward to friday night dinner at the inn
 lots of wine, march madness, 
movies, some home cooking and brunch with my friends.

i hope its starting to look like spring wherever you are!



March 25, 2015

sorry for my lack of posts lately - the last couple of days have been super busy! between work, finding and signing on a new apartment and going to dc for taste of the south i just haven't had time to think post! for those of you wondering where i got my outfit for last weekend here are the links:

happy wednesday!


p.s. this is my new favorite song : mine  

hot air balloon ride!

March 11, 2015

*image by marc mintz

i got to go on a hot air balloon ride last week while i was in arizona for work. it is our year of adventure and we are all about crossing things off of our bucket list!  it truly was one of the most amazing things i have ever done. we were all a bit nervous before going up - you literally jump in a big basket, float up, and then your pilot, if you will, just has to read the wind channels. some moments we were going 3 mph and then we would drift into another wind channel and would be going 16 mph - so crazy!  but once we were up in the air and taking in  the breathtaking views, it was so calm and peaceful, it really just felt like we were floating along like a little, red balloon.

the company we went with, float, made our ride and entire experience so enjoyable and special.  not only were they so fun and nice, but they set us up the most adorable (and delicious) picnic in the desert, right where we landed - complete with flowers, sweet place settings, champagne & grapefruit cocktails (they even sugared the rims) and an organic spread that they cooked right in front of us. not sure if the beet tarte with goat cheese creme was my favorite, or the homemade lemon bars drizzled with chocolate?! it was so perfect. if you are ever in phoenix, you must wake up early one day and go, you wont regret it!


March 9, 2015

happy weekend!

March 6, 2015

today is kind of the best day ever. first, its friday. second, im going to the matoma concert tonight. third,  one of my best friends is moving to nyc today (!!!!). and fourth, even though im  currently on my way home from the sunny skies in LA, the weather forecast in nyc is showing high 40s - this is huge.

since warm weather is on the horizon and bikini season is around the corner, here are some feel-good reads:

a few of my favorite healthy lifestyle blogs: 

the winter sunshine juice from liquiteria. 
blood orange, tangerine, pomegranate, pear, ginger. omg. 



March 4, 2015

a few snaps from one of my favorite, cozy spots in west village, buvette.

nyc guide

March 2, 2015

i am so excited to share a new addition to my blog that i have been compiling since i moved to nyc - my nyc city guide! im sure you can tell if you follow me on instagram, but one of my favorite things to do in  the city is try new coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries, bars and everything in between.  the endless possibilities of places to try in new york can be overwhelming, and whenever my friends and i try to think of a place to go, it seems like we can't think of anywhere. weird how that works right? so, i have kept a list of all of my favorites (and *ed my extra-favorites), which has turned into my go-to guide. there are still a lot of places that i have yet to try, so i will keep updating the list as i go along. if anything is missing from my list that i need to try, leave me a note!

i have also included my favorite hotels, flower shops, card shops, party shops, places to get pampered and places to work out.

my guide will live at the top of my blog, but this link will take you there as well.

right now, i have everything categorized by meal in alphabetical order, but i would love to know how you would like to see the list. is it by neighborhood? cuisine? atmosphere?

also in the process of creating this page, so many other ideas came to mind! a second guide for all of you charleston lovers is in the works, and i would love to add my favorite book shops, cooking classes, museums, boutiques and activities. what would you like to see first?

i hope you enjoy!!