March 27, 2015

happy friday guys! this week felt soooo long, anyone else? however, how is it already april in 4 days? i think this feeling just gets consistent with age. and i think this means im getting old. i also have so much planned in the next few weeks/months sooo time is just going to keep flying. i guess thats a good thing to be complaining about :)

i was looking through some pictures last night and realized i never posted a few from my trip to la (aka my new favorite city).   

i went parasailing in santa monica and snapped this picture on the boat.

im obsessed with all of the juice from juice served here. i tried to order it and have it delivered to nyc. ha! wishful thinking...

pizzeria mozza/edible heaven.

view from the penthouse at the hollywood roosevelt. love this sign!

they always leave me goodies :) this time was chocolate covered 
oreos. so good!

im off to bedford for a much needed relaxing weekend.  
im looking forward to friday night dinner at the inn
 lots of wine, march madness, 
movies, some home cooking and brunch with my friends.

i hope its starting to look like spring wherever you are!