jurlique part two

May 13, 2015

as you guys might know from this post, i am not one to talk extensively on skincare. however, i have had such amazing results with jurlique that i wanted to share one of their new-to-me products with you! its the herbal recovery advanced serum, and i have been using it in combination with their herbal recovery antioxidant cleansing mousse.  

i honestly had no idea what serum was before i started using this one, but someone described it to me as putting vitamins directly on your face, and that could not have explained it better.  my new routine is to wash my face with the cleansing mousse, then instead of a moisturizer, i put on the serum.  as soon as i put the serum on i can see the difference - it immediately brings out my skin's natural glow and my skin feels so fresh and revitalized. i have been using it for about two weeks now, and i can already tell that it is going to be one of my skincare staples, especially in the summer months!


May 11, 2015

have you guys heard about rocksbox? i am on my second month now and am loving it! they send you jewelry that you can just borrow for the month, or if you love it so much, you can buy it.  one of my favorite parts about it is how they personalize and package your box.  tissue paper, a sticker, a cute little box and a note with my name on it? yes, please. everything i have gotten so far is so me! how cute is this house of harlow bracelet that was in my box this month? you can also go on their website and create a wish list of pieces that you are dying to have.  this special code gets you your first month free if you want to try it out: cocktailsonmulberryxoxo - enjoy!