summer to do

June 15, 2015

hello lovelies. apologies for the lack of posts lately. work has been completely consuming me. luckily i love my job so i'm not mad about it, but it doesn't leave me much time to be here!!  i have also been enjoying every single second of summer, so that doesn't help much either ... here are a few musts to get you officially summer ready.

buy a new bikini! 
these two are my favorites right now : one // two

and definitely a new pair of shades.
i need these stat.

get a facial. (and wear spf)
i got my first facial ever last week and not only was it one of the most amazing experiences of my life, but my face is nice and fresh for the summer. #bringonthesun

plan a summer vaca.
miami and montauk are my next two adventures!

get obsessed with a really good workout.
i love working out because it makes me feel good, but lets be real. in the summertime you want to look really damn good in your bikini, right? my obsession is soul cycle. it never gets old for me, plus its like a therapy session too so it totally counts as a two-for-one.

if you live in the city, on the weekends you're not at the beach, you need a rooftop pool.
its a necessity. or else you feel trapped inside the concrete jungle. im going here this weekend!

find a new spot for summer happy hour.
this is mine. my favorite drink is the glass house. so refreshing and gets you just a touch rosy.

crop tops and leopard dots

June 1, 2015

so i had grand plans of wearing this outfit on sunday and taking pictures with a chocolate sprinkle covered mr softee ice cream cone. then it decided to monsoon. #fail. however i love this outfit and didn't want to wait to post it, so this will have to do!

happy monday! xx

top : old, but just ordered this one that is amaze
shoes : old from coach, but obsessed with these