October 19, 2015

via pipkorn & kilpatrick

last week, i had the opportunity to meet with a holistic life coach, nutritionist, yoga instructor and personal trainer (all one person). and, to top it all off, she also has type 1 diabetes just like me. even better, she is only 22 - which totally inspired me but also made me like #getyourshittogetheralexa.  i found her on instagram, because where else do we find new friends in 2015? ha! but really, i stumbled across her page, sent her a note and that was that.

i take very good care of myself and consider myself to be an overall healthy person, but i also find myself needing a little bit of motivation from time to time.  most of the time i drink green juice, eat whole foods and do soul cycle four times a week. then the other time i'm taking vodka shots with my friends, binge eating on pizza and staying out until 4am becaaaause life? but i started to think that there has got to be a better way to find this balance between the two, and thats when i stumbled upon lauren's page on instagram. timing is everything...

i haven't been this excited to meet with someone in a long time.  i am all about being whole and living a balanced life, but i don't think i have ever actually achieved that. i did learn some things about type 1 that doctors (or mine at least) just don't tell you anymore - like for example, fat is one of the main factors that make it hard for insulin to get glucose out of our bloodstream, not carbohydrates or sugar.  or when i get that foggy feeling in my head, its not necessarily that my blood sugar is low, but its my body telling me hayyyy, i need some more protein up in here. but the most important thing i took away from our lunch date was that balance isn't just about diet and exercise.

diet and exercise have a lot to do with it, but balance is also about relationships, your work life, your family life, your social life, what you do with your alone time - its everything in life and reaching  that point of center and feeling fulfilled. and balance is different for everyone. people feel fulfilled by doing different things, and figuring out what exactly it is that fulfills you is one of the hardest parts! i know that i love making others feel good, i love eating whole foods that are good for my body, i love cooking, i love my job, i love sweating my ass off and jamming to drake in soul cycle class, i love traveling, i love being around my family and my amazing friends, i love feeling inspired by my surroundings (people and things), i love inspiring others, i love waking up and feeling good, i love to love, and i love the feeling of success and health - and somewhere in the middle of all of these things in my life is not finding a point of perfection between all of it, but a balance between all of it where everything just falls into place, that i am going to strive for. im not sure that it is going to be easy, but i think trying to get there will be an adventure, it will make me learn so many different things about myself and others, and most importantly it will make me feel fulfilled.

so to all of you reading this, i hope i have inspired you to find what fulfills you in life and encourage you to go after it!  i have so many things up in the air in my life right now, and im totally okay with it.  ultimately it means freedom to make my own decisions and get to a point of balance and contentment - anything can happen, there are no limits and it makes me so excited!! life is all how you look at it, my friends.  this life is so good, sometimes we just need a little reminder.


  1. This is an awesome post. I think balance is good but I also think that "going all in" is good too bc you don't leave anything on the table and you're able to completely focus on something. I've found that when I go "all in", while the other things suffer, I'm able to do it a lot better and get better overall results.

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