gift guide for the jet setter

November 19, 2015

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i am so excited to be launching my first gift guide of the holiday season!! this is my absolute favorite time of year - the lights and shows in new york city, sitting by the fireplace drinking wine hot cocoa, baking cookies, going to christmas parties, watching your favorite movies on repeat, just being with family - it doesn't get better in my book. but my absolute favorite part is giving the gifts. i pick out my favorite wrapping paper and ribbon and i'm lucky if it lasts five minutes let alone to christmas day because i always get so excited for everyone to open them! but i also know that gift giving can be a bit stressful, so i hope to alleviate that feeling for you. this first one is for all of your friends that like to travel - which is everyone??? right? links to product are above - happy shopping!


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  1. So adorable and chic!