good reads

December 14, 2016

sharing a few good reads since its supposed to be unbearable out tomorrow and friday and the only acceptable thing to do is snuggle up and be cozy!

first - turn on this playlist, make this latte, light a yummy candle (this fir & firewood one is my favorite right now), grab your warmest blanket (i love this one) and your comfiest sweater (lou and grey is my new go-to for cozy winter basics).

getting out of the mind fuck maze. even if you're not in a "mind fuck maze" you have to read this. its sooo good.

cleo wade. i love her so much. follow her on insta if you don't already.

best movies of 2016. i haven't seen any of them. but i also basically never watch movies...

goop's holiday pinterest page. including comforting holiday cocktails, how to give a memorable toast, gift ideas and some amazing recipes like apple spice donuts with maple glaze (and also a pre holiday cleanse which includes a chai gingerbread shake??).



December 1, 2016

im really into health and wellness right now (um hi is anyone not??) so wanted to share a few good articles i found. listening to your body, paying attention to signs the universe gives you (trust me they are there you just don't notice them until you make the time to) respecting and loving yourself, channeling your energy in the best way for you - these are things i have grown to learn and love this past year. it blows my mind that its taken me twenty-seven years to get here - i always thought these things were "selfish" but i was sooo wrong. ive actually found the opposite - in order to spread love and kindness and confidence to others, it has to start within you first. anyway, enough with my schpeel (spelling??). here are some good articles!

how to create a powerful purposeful life - this one says everything i try to say to people when they ask me why i love soul cycle so much. ive never ridden with angela, but ariel is my angela.

foxfire mountain house. this isnt exactly a wellness retreat, but you could totally make it one. i die over this place and cant wait to go!


shit doesn't have to make sense

November 29, 2016

this print is from people i've loved. they have the best cards.
im into the most random things right now - like sweatshirts, turmeric lattes, this is us, beanies, pb&j larabars, adidas nmds, hailey clauson, lemon ginger tea and bargain hunting for flights to anywhere warm because i have mad pto days to use before the end of the year. not sure why i felt the need to share, but there ya go. here are some links below if you are into any of the things im into right now :)

turmeric latte recipe. good for inflammation, digestion and it tastes so much better than what you would expect. like cinnamon and the holidays.
this is us. im not a tv or movie person really, but i love this show so much. pleeeease binge watch it.
pb & j larabars. my roommate has loved these for awhile and i refused to think that they would taste even remotely good. and then i caved and they are lit. they dont taste like pb&j though. i dunno. you just have to try them. i ordered a 30 pack off amazon because i couldnt handle them not being at arm's reach. and they're one of the only all natural bars you can find these days.
adidas nmds. because they're fucking hot.
hailey clauson. can i please be her?
lemon ginger tea. yogi brand is the best. its warm and delicious and detoxifying for the cold winter months.
flights. i wish i had some deals for you. usually im a jet blue fan but they arent doing it for me right now. boo.

and here are some of the clothes im crushing on right now. im feeling super cas(ual) apparently.


black friday & cyber week sales

November 24, 2016

happy thanksgiving! i find myself saying this all the time, but i can not believe its already thanksgiving and there are only 32 days until christmas. but its one of my favorite times of year and i cant wait to spend it with my family and friends cozied up with yummy drinks by the fireplace.

ive never been much of a black-friday-shopper, but the sales are so crazy, good this year that i already have most of my must-haves picked out to grab! this is such a good time to buy not only gifts, but also simple basics, or that splurge item you've had your eye on. the good thing is that most of the sales are starting early :) see below for the best ones to shop and i hope you get to spend a wonderful holiday with the ones you love!

asos: 30% off sitewide and in store, code THANKFUL30, from 11.24 - 11.29
bloomingdales: take 15% off $100-$199.99 or 20% off $200+ on a great selection of items online + save up to 50% on select items, from 11.24 - 11.26
dogeared: this is one of my favorite lines for gifts!! 25% off sitewide
intermix: extra 40% off sale and $150 off every $750 spent with code THANKS 11.24 - 11.28

j.crew: 40% everything, including sale with code HOLIDAY
shopbop: spend $200+ get 15% off, spend $500+ get 20% off, spend $800_ get 25% off, code GOBIG16, 11.22 - 11.28
urban outfitters: buy one get one 50% off all apparel, 11.23-11.25
a few others to keep an eye on: amazon, bandier, club monaco & nordstrom

the vnyl

November 13, 2016

happy sundayyyy. so i didnt put this picture on liketkit because the skirt is old out now, but a lot of you asked for the links so im posting here for you - i found a few skirts that are similar and just as cute :)

also, if you live in new york city and need a new spot for dinner, drinks or going out, definitely try the vnyl (vintage new york lifestyle). it feels like you just walked into an episode of madmen, with really good food and a really good dj.

sarah bahbah

November 11, 2016

she's a pretty brilliant photographer. you must check out her work. her latest series is called sex and takeout. need i say more?

healthy glow

October 8, 2016

image via
the cold weather will be here before we know it in nyc, which makes me think (even more than i usually do) how important it is to make sure you take good care of your skin. what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it to make sure it is nurtured and cared for!

i don't wear a ton of makeup, but wear a lot of different things on my skin to get a healthy, natural glow. there are some great products that pull the healthy out of you and make you look (and honestly feel) energized. 

my skin routine is: face wash, toner, moisturizer + concealer, which is new for me because i never understood what it did. i am also a huge fan of getting facials (if you've never heard of heyday - look  them up immediately!) but thats also expensive so i do a lot of facials at home too. 

for makeup i keep it simple: primer, tint, bronzer, blush, highlighter, brow pencil, eyeliner, mascara, something light and fresh on my lips and the most important part - a finishing spray! i am obsessed with this one. 

my two favorite brands by far are glossier and kiehl's - here is everything i use!




silky in the fall

October 3, 2016

image via
one of the comfiest things to throw on as the weather gets cooler is a silk dress and a yummy  sweater. you can wear silk dresses so many ways too - with a white tee underneath, with booties, with sneakers, loafers or my personal fave - some velvet sandals and a choker. love love love. 

worlds easiest outfit

October 2, 2016

image via

+ my go to. denim, tank (or tee) and a belt. chic. effortless. done.


October 1, 2016

image via
hi guys! i've been looking around for some good boots since fall is officially here (my favorite favorite favorite season!) and saw that urban is doing 20% off all boots. they have some really good ones so thought i would share, enjoy! xx

p.s. i'm really into the 90s right now (is anyone not?) so stay tuned for some posts on the best vintage denim, loafers, velvet and silk pieces and of course chokers. basically im turning back into my 12 year old self.

weekend playlist

August 11, 2016

so i just figured out how to embed a spotify playlist onto my blog (actually someone told me you could do it so i stole his idea) and figured friday was the perfect day to share with you guys. maybe ill start doing this every friday? 

also, i just found out about a really cool app called bandsintownon - it finds upcoming concerts for you based on your preferences in spotify and your location. and you can share with your friends, add to your calendar and buy tickets right there. you should download it.

heres my summer playlist on repeat. enjoy :)

spotlight on onzie

August 9, 2016

you all have heard the a word: athleisure. its in. and while i enjoy getting dressed up for gno and dinner parties, i would love nothing more than to go to work every day in my workout clothes! my sister gets to do that - not fair. regardless, im pretty sure i have more workout clothes in my closet now than i do regular clothes. one of my favorite "athleisure" brands right now is onzie - here are a few of my favorite things by them. xx

fit for business

August 7, 2016

i am a big fan of well + good (the blog/digital newsletter that tells you all about whats going on in the health and wellness world - from hot new fitness classes that gigi does, to healthy recipes, to cute workout clothes and soul cycle gossip) and i am so excited about the new column they just launched - fit for business.

for this particular column, every week the well + good cofounder, alexia brue, interviews the most successful and healthy-living entrepreneurs around the world.  i get so excited about health and wellness (i could talk about food and juice and nutrition and working out and feeling good all day long) so getting to hear from people that do that every day makes me feel so inspired.

there are only three posted so far, but they are all such good ones (eric helms from juice generation, karen behnke from juice beauty and john foley from peloton) so it won't take long to catch up. if you're into health and wellness and entrepreneurship you will love this column - enjoy!

excuse my swag

July 31, 2016

a few chic prints for your home!

leather mules

July 25, 2016

photo from

i am head over heels for these gucci mules right now. literally having dreams about them. help. maybe ill get them for my birthday ... but here are a few others that i love right now too! xx

godspeed (nordstrom anniversary sale)

July 22, 2016

nordstrom anniversary sale opens to all today, woo hoo!! below are all of the things i am loving, hopefully this will help you strategically plan your shopping cart. don't act like you don't do that.

also, i added more coats... i know its still summer, and i know i live in new york and have more coats than the normal human. however, coats are such a good essential for anyones closet and are the perfect trick to complete any outfit (even if its just over your shoulders). plus these are just so good, i want them all. just fast forward to november when you're sitting at a football game freezing your tush off and you wish you had a comfy, warm coat that didn't make you look like ralphie from a christmas story. you're welcome :)

godspeed my loves. xx

nordstrom anniversary sale

July 21, 2016

the nordstrom anniversary sale opens up to everyone tomorrow, woo hoo!

im posting boots + booties first because i have a feeling they are going to go first - i want so many, eek! the next couple of days ill be posting flats, coats and jackets (yes, more coats because i found even more that were too good not to post), denim, beauty products and more.

ill also be adding things to my boutique here so you can check there too.

happy shopping! 


lazy day

July 20, 2016

is it bad that i'm already getting excited for fall? i'm still loving summer and don't want it to end, but fall clothes make me the most excited. here is an easy, lazy day look that still looks chic and effortless. xx

green smoothies + yoga pants (on sale)

July 19, 2016

in an attempt to detoxify my body from all the bad things i put into it this weekend, i decided to have a green juice for dinner. i usually just stop at juice press or pure greens because they are close to my office, but i decided to stop at juice generation instead - a few of my friends love it and i have heard such great things about the company so why not? long story short i got the mr greengenes and it was so good!!!! if you have a juice generation close to you and are into green smoothies its on my top 5 list. if you arent - its kale, spinach, banana, mango and nut milk. yum, yum, yum.

on another healthy note, i decided i needed some new workout clothes too. here are a few of my favorites - also on sale :)

p.s. stay tuned for more from the nordstrom anniversary sale! ill be posting as much as i can in the next couple of days to help make the sale less overwhelming, and because early access is almost over (as of july 21st). there is so much good stuff, and its going fast! 

p.p.s. i got rosie. you need her.


#NSALE (nordstrom anniversary sale)

July 18, 2016

its the most wonderful time of the year! im a huge fan of christmas, but this comes in as a close second :) i've been planning on posting this for a week now but i've had a lot going on lately - weddings, work, at last, here are a few must-haves for all of you early-access-ers. i started with coats because they are too good and i am so excited for fall!!! for those of you that are waiting for the big day (july 21st) ill be adding more posts around all of the best things on sale - outerwear, shoes, dresses, bags, beauty products (there is so much good stuff) and adding some things to my boutique, so be on the lookout! xx

fourth of july (+ sales)

July 1, 2016

happy fourth of july weekend! i feel like a broken record, but i cannot believe it is already july! it is true what our parents say... time flies when you get older you're having fun!

this is one of my favorite times of year. it doesn't get much better than being on the beach with family and friends, going to bbqs, dressing in red, white + blue, watching the fireworks and celebrating #america. ill be in manasquan this year and cannot wait to get there!

for anyone looking for a great sale, there are so many going on. below are a few of the ones with amazing deals right now. enjoy and happy fourth of july!!

club monaco - up to 60% off

banana republic - extra 50% off sale

j.crew - 40% off summer styles

bandier - 15% off select styles

double the charm

May 27, 2016

its finally warm hot scorching in nyc which means its time for easy-throw-on-slinky-breezy-cute dresses, yaye! i am loving this one from tobi - i originally wore it with a pair of wedges but i like the sneakers look so much more for an easy, everyday/weekend outfit.  don't forget that new customers get 50% off right now, so this dress would only be $30!! 

you can check out more of their rompers and other stuff here: DressesRompers, Crop TopsJumpsuitsSkirts, Bodysuits

new york restaurant bucket list

May 24, 2016

there are three restaurants that i haven't been to in new york (among another 5000 probably) that i am dying to get to. however, they range in price from $238 - $595, not including beverages and tax. so until someone wants to take me, they are going on my bucket list. have you been to any of them? and more importantly, am i missing any others that belong on this list? they are:

eleven madison park
metropolitan life north building
11 madison avenue
new york, ny 10010

blue hill stone barns
630 bedford road
pocantico hills, new york 10591
*they have a location in nyc too, that is a bit less expensive!
10 columbus circle
time warner center, 4th floor
new york, ny 10019

rompin' around

May 23, 2016

obsessed with this little romper from tobi, and the best part is that new customers get 50% off their first order so its basically a steal :) you can check out more of their rompers and other stuff here: DressesRompers, Crop TopsJumpsuitsSkirts, Bodysuits

palm springs

May 20, 2016

if anyone knows me (even only as an acquaintance) they know i have an obsession with palm springs. but then again who doesn't? everything is mid-century modern (the best), the town is quirky and it is perfectly normal to sit by the pool in a kaftan with a drink (and a joint?) listening to biggie smalls at any time of day.  so, when one of my friends decided to have her bachelorette there i couldn't waaaait.

 here a few goodies from the weekend.
the entrance to the house we stayed in.
our house (that view!)

our little jelly bean pool. and thats kyle, the swan.

dinner at the house one night.

shop my outfit below!

this was a grapefruit tree in our backyard. so amazing right? but we had strict instructions not to pick them. boo.

obligatory pic at the parker.

the parker's famous lemonade bar.

lbb below.
stairway at the parker. i wish i had these in my house.
peaceful little spot at the parker.