fit for business

August 7, 2016

i am a big fan of well + good (the blog/digital newsletter that tells you all about whats going on in the health and wellness world - from hot new fitness classes that gigi does, to healthy recipes, to cute workout clothes and soul cycle gossip) and i am so excited about the new column they just launched - fit for business.

for this particular column, every week the well + good cofounder, alexia brue, interviews the most successful and healthy-living entrepreneurs around the world.  i get so excited about health and wellness (i could talk about food and juice and nutrition and working out and feeling good all day long) so getting to hear from people that do that every day makes me feel so inspired.

there are only three posted so far, but they are all such good ones (eric helms from juice generation, karen behnke from juice beauty and john foley from peloton) so it won't take long to catch up. if you're into health and wellness and entrepreneurship you will love this column - enjoy!

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  1. I was skeptical since I couldn't feel the leggings but after reading good reviews I figured why not! So thick and Sooo comfy pattern leggings! Even better material then my Nike leggings! Go a size smaller though.