shit doesn't have to make sense

November 29, 2016

this print is from people i've loved. they have the best cards.
im into the most random things right now - like sweatshirts, turmeric lattes, this is us, beanies, pb&j larabars, adidas nmds, hailey clauson, lemon ginger tea and bargain hunting for flights to anywhere warm because i have mad pto days to use before the end of the year. not sure why i felt the need to share, but there ya go. here are some links below if you are into any of the things im into right now :)

turmeric latte recipe. good for inflammation, digestion and it tastes so much better than what you would expect. like cinnamon and the holidays.
this is us. im not a tv or movie person really, but i love this show so much. pleeeease binge watch it.
pb & j larabars. my roommate has loved these for awhile and i refused to think that they would taste even remotely good. and then i caved and they are lit. they dont taste like pb&j though. i dunno. you just have to try them. i ordered a 30 pack off amazon because i couldnt handle them not being at arm's reach. and they're one of the only all natural bars you can find these days.
adidas nmds. because they're fucking hot.
hailey clauson. can i please be her?
lemon ginger tea. yogi brand is the best. its warm and delicious and detoxifying for the cold winter months.
flights. i wish i had some deals for you. usually im a jet blue fan but they arent doing it for me right now. boo.

and here are some of the clothes im crushing on right now. im feeling super cas(ual) apparently.