good reads

December 14, 2016

sharing a few good reads since its supposed to be unbearable out tomorrow and friday and the only acceptable thing to do is snuggle up and be cozy!

first - turn on this playlist, make this latte, light a yummy candle (this fir & firewood one is my favorite right now), grab your warmest blanket (i love this one) and your comfiest sweater (lou and grey is my new go-to for cozy winter basics).

getting out of the mind fuck maze. even if you're not in a "mind fuck maze" you have to read this. its sooo good.

cleo wade. i love her so much. follow her on insta if you don't already.

best movies of 2016. i haven't seen any of them. but i also basically never watch movies...

goop's holiday pinterest page. including comforting holiday cocktails, how to give a memorable toast, gift ideas and some amazing recipes like apple spice donuts with maple glaze (and also a pre holiday cleanse which includes a chai gingerbread shake??).