December 1, 2016

im really into health and wellness right now (um hi is anyone not??) so wanted to share a few good articles i found. listening to your body, paying attention to signs the universe gives you (trust me they are there you just don't notice them until you make the time to) respecting and loving yourself, channeling your energy in the best way for you - these are things i have grown to learn and love this past year. it blows my mind that its taken me twenty-seven years to get here - i always thought these things were "selfish" but i was sooo wrong. ive actually found the opposite - in order to spread love and kindness and confidence to others, it has to start within you first. anyway, enough with my schpeel (spelling??). here are some good articles!

how to create a powerful purposeful life - this one says everything i try to say to people when they ask me why i love soul cycle so much. ive never ridden with angela, but ariel is my angela.

foxfire mountain house. this isnt exactly a wellness retreat, but you could totally make it one. i die over this place and cant wait to go!



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