shopbop sale

March 28, 2017

a few favorites from  the shopbop sale!

nyc guide - current faves take 3

March 26, 2017

fish cheeks
authentic (emphasis here - they have a plaque outside that says "no pad thai zone"), family style thai restaurant known for the seafood. its the cute little spot on bond street with multi-colored, scalloped shingles - and the inside is just as adorable. the chefs are brothers so i like them even more. they also have happy hour monday - saturday from 5-7pm. see yaa there.

the lately
i would say this is in meatpacking but i guess its technically chelsea. its the bar that just opened this weekend that was inspired by mad men and twin peaks, so definitely different from the stereotypical meatpacking scene (in a good way). im all about the mad men part but the twin peaks crime scene part im not so sure about - i guess thats where the fireplace and hunter green cozy vibe comes in. gothamist said "imagine don draper downing cocktails in a rural washington state cabin and you'll have a pretty good idea of the vibe". i like  the sound of that.

ghost donkey
quirky/cool bar on bleecker (right behind saxon and parole) that feels like it belongs in palm springs. they're known for their tequila and mezcal drinks (i want to try the one that comes in the ceramic donkey cup) and authentic mexican food.  good for week night drinks or starting/ending the night on the weekends. 

nyc guide - current faves take 2

March 20, 2017

carthage must be destroyed
bushwick, brooklyn
this is a new australian spot in bushwick. kind of hard to find (you have to wander down a hallway) and to be quite honest the outside is not pretty.  but the the aesthetic on the inside and the beautifully-colored-good-for-you-food is a different story that will make your insta dreams come true.  they only serve breakfast and lunch but serve their breakfast menu until close - 2pm during the week/4pm on the weekends. oh and did i mention they have yoga class downstairs? hi my new favorite place.

union square
jean-george's third abc restaurant that just opened. eek. im so excited to get here. everything is plant based and all about beauty starting from within. aaaamen. naturally, being a child of the abc family (not the tv network), the space is perfect - the inspiration behind the interior was "the sun and moon, sacred space, illuminated clarity, focus, balance, transparency, articulation, shine and shadow, planetary, sacred geometry, modern, feminine and romance." ahhh all of my favorite things. most to excited to try: everything.

lower east side 
chillhouse's whole idea is about relaxing and recharging the body. preach. so they combined minimalist, calming design with a cafe, (they have things like coffee, golden lattes, bliss balls - but also beer & wine because #lyfe) mani and massage situation. so brilliant. they do signature nail designs and the massages are priced super well ($39-$99) - you can get anything from an "express focus" to a "hangover cure". this sounds like a millenial's (hey thats me) dream, but i also imagine my mom loving a place like this. im into it.

pietro nolita
i swear i didn't do this on purpose, but im realizing now that all of my spots today are very pink and feminine. sorry boys. ill dedicate next week's faves to you. maybe this is why im single... anyway - this is the place that everyone instagrams because its all pink and the menu says "pink as fuck". it was designed to look like a 50s style diner because the owner wanted to be different from every other traditional italian restaurant. and when he moved here from milan at age 19 he only ate at diners in new york. not sure why but i like stories that are personal like that. the food scene is "healthy italian" and the fact that that is even a thing makes me a fan. open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

nyc guide - current faves

March 14, 2017

im working on updating my nyc guide so that it is easier to navigate, but in the meantime i am going to do a post each time i add new spots. here are my latest favorites!

i dont know if this is new or if im just discovering it, but im obsessed. its a restaurant (upstairs) and sports bar (downstairs) on the lower east side with a 70s vibe. an article i read in the ny times describes it as a 'cheers' types of place which only makes me love it even more. flowers. burgers. floral couches. *le sigh*

this is a neighborhood spot on greenwich ave that i have walked by 169279639869 times but have never gone in, until last weekend with my family and was so pleasantly surprised. its italian - really, really good homemade italian. everyone that works there is so nice and genuinely wants to get to know you. its home-y, cozy, full of great dinner chatter and spacious which is refreshing for nyc. its good for dinner with family, with your friends, date night and they have a great bar area so definitely worth grabbing a drink.  they also have diy gnocchi kits and cool hats with their logo.

i accidentally discovered this spot when i was walking home from soul cycle one day. its hidden in meatpacking by the whitney. its open for breakfast, lunch and dinner - it would be a brunch spot for me but i do want to go for dinner and drinks. they have lots of yummy, healthy options, fresh juices, their own cold brew blend and a good amount of local craft beers at the same time. love the aesthetic too.

the aesthetic is what hooked me on this one but the food is also my aesthetic if thats a thing? healthy, pretty, delicious, the kind of food that makes you feel good and makes your skin glow. another place i would deem as a brunch spot but they are opening for dinner soon. its in nolita, my favorite neighborhood and was started by a group of awesome women.

another australian cafe. what can i say? i have this thing with them. its adorable inside, we sat in the window that opens up to the street, but small and intimate so if you go on the weekend go early unless you want to wait. i got the avocado toast which honestly you can get almost anywhere in this city (and my favorite will always be bluestone lane...), but we also got the chia fruit bowl which was definitely a cute spot to try!

pink pink pink

February 13, 2017

you never need an excuse  to wear glitter slides with a feather pom pom, but one of your best friends' weddings in charleston is the perfect one to have.  they were the perfect added surprise to this romantic, blush dress and  were so comfortable to dance in all night long. then i wore them today with a pair of distressed, boyfriend jeans and a tee. i love them!

february 14th

February 7, 2017

valentines day. hollllaaa. my favorite day of the whole. entire. year. lol. jk. 

i do love love, but cupids, red roses and russell stover chocolates in shiny, red, heart-shaped boxes are so cheesy. yaaa feel me? im more of a peonies-homemade-chocolates-witty-card kind of girl. and staged, romantic dinners. the worst.  like please take me to a basketball game where i can wear whatever i want and drink beer and eat pizza. this is also coming from the girl who loves cozy, adorable restaurants with really good food every other night of the year, so if anyone needs a "romantic" dinner spot idea, message me. i am the reason girls get the reputation they do. anyway. moving on.

at the same time as all of the above, i do like girly, romantic things and any excuse to relax and pamper. so here are a few of my favorite gift/treat-yourself ideas - especially this cat lipstick from paul and joe. truthfully i would consider myself a dog person but is it not the cutest thing you have ever seen??? i love their packaging too, its so sweet!