february 14th

February 7, 2017

valentines day. hollllaaa. my favorite day of the whole. entire. year. lol. jk. 

i do love love, but cupids, red roses and russell stover chocolates in shiny, red, heart-shaped boxes are so cheesy. yaaa feel me? im more of a peonies-homemade-chocolates-witty-card kind of girl. and staged, romantic dinners. the worst.  like please take me to a basketball game where i can wear whatever i want and drink beer and eat pizza. this is also coming from the girl who loves cozy, adorable restaurants with really good food every other night of the year, so if anyone needs a "romantic" dinner spot idea, message me. i am the reason girls get the reputation they do. anyway. moving on.

at the same time as all of the above, i do like girly, romantic things and any excuse to relax and pamper. so here are a few of my favorite gift/treat-yourself ideas - especially this cat lipstick from paul and joe. truthfully i would consider myself a dog person but is it not the cutest thing you have ever seen??? i love their packaging too, its so sweet!