nyc guide - current faves take 2

March 20, 2017

carthage must be destroyed
bushwick, brooklyn
this is a new australian spot in bushwick. kind of hard to find (you have to wander down a hallway) and to be quite honest the outside is not pretty.  but the the aesthetic on the inside and the beautifully-colored-good-for-you-food is a different story that will make your insta dreams come true.  they only serve breakfast and lunch but serve their breakfast menu until close - 2pm during the week/4pm on the weekends. oh and did i mention they have yoga class downstairs? hi my new favorite place.

union square
jean-george's third abc restaurant that just opened. eek. im so excited to get here. everything is plant based and all about beauty starting from within. aaaamen. naturally, being a child of the abc family (not the tv network), the space is perfect - the inspiration behind the interior was "the sun and moon, sacred space, illuminated clarity, focus, balance, transparency, articulation, shine and shadow, planetary, sacred geometry, modern, feminine and romance." ahhh all of my favorite things. most to excited to try: everything.

lower east side 
chillhouse's whole idea is about relaxing and recharging the body. preach. so they combined minimalist, calming design with a cafe, (they have things like coffee, golden lattes, bliss balls - but also beer & wine because #lyfe) mani and massage situation. so brilliant. they do signature nail designs and the massages are priced super well ($39-$99) - you can get anything from an "express focus" to a "hangover cure". this sounds like a millenial's (hey thats me) dream, but i also imagine my mom loving a place like this. im into it.

pietro nolita
i swear i didn't do this on purpose, but im realizing now that all of my spots today are very pink and feminine. sorry boys. ill dedicate next week's faves to you. maybe this is why im single... anyway - this is the place that everyone instagrams because its all pink and the menu says "pink as fuck". it was designed to look like a 50s style diner because the owner wanted to be different from every other traditional italian restaurant. and when he moved here from milan at age 19 he only ate at diners in new york. not sure why but i like stories that are personal like that. the food scene is "healthy italian" and the fact that that is even a thing makes me a fan. open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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