nyc guide - current faves

March 14, 2017

im working on updating my nyc guide so that it is easier to navigate, but in the meantime i am going to do a post each time i add new spots. here are my latest favorites!

i dont know if this is new or if im just discovering it, but im obsessed. its a restaurant (upstairs) and sports bar (downstairs) on the lower east side with a 70s vibe. an article i read in the ny times describes it as a 'cheers' types of place which only makes me love it even more. flowers. burgers. floral couches. *le sigh*

this is a neighborhood spot on greenwich ave that i have walked by 169279639869 times but have never gone in, until last weekend with my family and was so pleasantly surprised. its italian - really, really good homemade italian. everyone that works there is so nice and genuinely wants to get to know you. its home-y, cozy, full of great dinner chatter and spacious which is refreshing for nyc. its good for dinner with family, with your friends, date night and they have a great bar area so definitely worth grabbing a drink.  they also have diy gnocchi kits and cool hats with their logo.

i accidentally discovered this spot when i was walking home from soul cycle one day. its hidden in meatpacking by the whitney. its open for breakfast, lunch and dinner - it would be a brunch spot for me but i do want to go for dinner and drinks. they have lots of yummy, healthy options, fresh juices, their own cold brew blend and a good amount of local craft beers at the same time. love the aesthetic too.

the aesthetic is what hooked me on this one but the food is also my aesthetic if thats a thing? healthy, pretty, delicious, the kind of food that makes you feel good and makes your skin glow. another place i would deem as a brunch spot but they are opening for dinner soon. its in nolita, my favorite neighborhood and was started by a group of awesome women.

another australian cafe. what can i say? i have this thing with them. its adorable inside, we sat in the window that opens up to the street, but small and intimate so if you go on the weekend go early unless you want to wait. i got the avocado toast which honestly you can get almost anywhere in this city (and my favorite will always be bluestone lane...), but we also got the chia fruit bowl which was definitely a cute spot to try!

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  1. This place is a gem in this wasteland of small bars. Came to party venue here on a Saturday night around 9:30, not too crowded at that time. Ordered 2 beers and fries and the total was around $16.