about me

my name is alexa. 
i live in new york city. 
im from maryland.
i claim charleston (sc) too.
i went to furman university. 
i am a september baby. 
i have two sisters. theyre my best friends.
 i used to be a wedding planner. 
now i work for kate spade new york.
i never cry, but i wish i could.
my favorite scent is another 13.
i love to meditate.
i love to work out.
i believe in higher spirits, but also magic.
i believe in love. 
vodka and cucumbers get me dancing. 
my favorite quote is, laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can. elsa maxwell said it. 
and just in case there are any handsome boys reading this, my favorite flowers are peonies or ranunculus.

interested in working together or just want to chat?
 send me a note: cocktailsonmulberry@gmail.com

as seen in:

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